Mark Colomb

Aug 14

Episode 95: After The Thin Man (1936) | An Hour With Your Ex -

This week on the show we watch “After the Thin Man” the 1936 sequel to “The Thin Man”. Mel Evans and Mark Colomb talk about William Powell, Mryna Loy, Jimmy Stewart, and of course Asta. We also talk about our growing love of TCM and the twitter account @NextOnTCM and how we’ve fallen in love with older films.

An Hour with Your Ex is a Chicago based podcast hosted by Mel Evans and Mark Colomb. Have you read the stuff they write on Bro Jackson? Have you watched one of the dozens and dozens of videos Mark has made? Thanks for listening and letting us use this last bit for SEO. Hugs xoxo.

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Redeye Chicago is a big fan. 


Aug 06

An Hour With Your Ex: Guardians of the Galaxy -

This week WE ARE GROOT. An Hour with Your Ex is talking about Guardians of the Galaxy the new film from Marvel Studios. Chicago comedian Kellen Terret @drterrett joins us to talk Chris Pratt, comic books, Celestials, continuity, and GROOT. Mel Evans and Mark Colomb are the hosts.

This is our first show from a new location. Audio will continue to improve during the show. Thanks for listening.

Jul 24

An Hour With Your Ex After Dark: Triple Threat Part Two -

Jul 18


Jul 16

Episode 91: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966) -

The Chicago based An Hour with Your Ex podcast talk “Who’s Afraid of  Virginia Woolf” on this episode. 

Jul 15

A love letter to the Son of 70mm Film Festival | Bro Jackson -

I love the music box. I love their screenings. Real luck someone let me write about it. 

Jul 03

An Hour With Your Ex After Dark: Triple Threat -